Air Bnb VS Hotel

When traveling so you prefer booking a Air Bnb or a standard hotel room / suite? 

Before actually staying at an Air Bnb I preferred hotel stays when it came to traveling.  I liked the idea of having room service and 24 hour front desk services as well as all the free mini shampoos and conditioners they provide for you in the bathroom/ washroom area. Little did I know Air Bnb is pretty much the same thing except you’re in someone’s personal property and there’s not necessarily a “front desk..” I imagined that it would be a horrible experience where you live with someone’s grandma or grandpa for a short period of time. LOL I’m still not sure why I thought that the owners would be sharing the same space. And from what I hear there are situations where property owners stay on the site with you but I guess it depends on which property you select.   Now that I know better I will definitely go in the route of an Air Bnb, but I wanna know what your opinions are.