What is something you’d be good at if you really tried?

What’s something you’d be good at if you actually focused and gave it your all? Like if you took music classes would you be amazing at violin? If you upgraded from hellofresh to le

Cordon bleu would you be a Michelin star chef?

When I was young I was very quiet. Not shy, quiet. I was observant of human behavior for a long time before I started to show my personality. Even to this day I can be isolated and watch what everyone else is doing and noticing everything. Not the point. But around middle into high school that’s when I started talking more and more. My whole outspoken part of my life I’ve been told that I’m funny so I really feel like I could write jokes for a living like on the tonight show or for a stand up comedian. Also, people also tell me a lot they don’t know when I’m joking or serious. I could definitely see myself being an actress.

My original plan was to do QVC or HSN, get scouted for a soap opera, do a lifetime movie and then on to the big screen. But now that I’ve seen what it takes to be an actor I’d rather just be a reality star.