Lines Stuck In My Head

My brain is mostly a running diatribe of tasks, meaningless pop culture information, and sexual thoughts about Tony Goldwyn, but on occasion a line of dialogue cuts through so strongly and I needed to get some out:


“Don’t you think maybe they’re the same thing…love and attention?” – Lady Bird. This one line encapsulates everything that makes Lady Bird a perfect movie, and Greta Gerwig such a great director. Sometimes we focus on love in the macro, grand gestures, but really, it’s the micro the matters. The noticing is what matters.


“Nelly, I am Heathcliff. He's always, always in my mind - not as a pleasure, any more then I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.” – Wuthering Heights. Bridgerton wishes! To me, this is the height of capital R romance. Shout-out to the time I once used this line about Che Diaz.


“Get out of my home!” – The Dropout. I didn’t think this would stick with me the way it has, but I love it so much. Sometimes it’s just specificity…why did he say home instead of house? Well, because George Shultz knows A House is Not A Home! Get out!


“You’re the only man who’s ever touched me” – Moonlight. A fact about me, I cannot watch Moonlight because it reduces me to tears that are so uncontrollable I ruin my day. But this line –it says it all. It not only calls back to the earlier sexual encounter between the two characters, but also the layers of protection that Chiron has had to put on to survive as a black, queer man in his environment. You can’t touch what’s not available. In that moment, he’s vulnerable and I lose it.


“Your honor, I’m a freak b*tch” – W.A.P. This line has stayed with me since the moment I hit play. It’s a sensory overload of a line – I like to imagine the circumstance one would need to declare that in a court of law. We need to bring back the erotic thriller just for that!


The whole script of Erin Brockovich! I couldn’t even pick one line, because it’s that good. If we ever meet and I am smiling apropos of nothing, it’s because I am thinking about Erin Brockovich.


What gets stuck in your head? And, more importantly, have you watched Erin Brockovich lately?