What is your gas station snack purchase?

After stopping at Bucee's (the homeland) yesterday, it got me thinking about the perfect road trip/gas station snack. I feel as though you need 3-4 components: the drink, the candy, the chocolate and the savory item; here's mine:

THE DRINK: If they have Icees , it's 100% a white cherry and coke slushee, if not, opting for a fat fountain cherry coke

THE CANDY: Depends on the mood but definitely a gummy candy (yesterday was sour gummy worms)

THE CHOCOLATE: Depends on my mood, sometimes I skip this, but love a good cookie dough or peanut butter moment.

THE SAVORY: Ok usually something heavily seasoned. Flavored cheez-its or those Gardetto's rye crips.

Hoping I'm not the only type-A with a complex snack formula LOL, let's hear yours!!