Do you think celebs watch their famous exes in commercials/shows/movies?

I just saw one of roughly a million commercials featuring Jennifer Garner and I wondered, okay when Ben Affleck is watching TV and these ads inevitably come on, does he watch it? Change the channel? Mute it? Think, hey that's the mother of my children? What happens if he's watching TV with J.Lo? Do they acknowledge it? Or is this so much of celebrity life it doesn't even phase them?

Like, does Ryan Reynolds have to totally skip the Avengers movies because his ex-wife ScarJo is in it? Does Julia Roberts avoid reruns of Friends because of Matthew Perry? Or does she watch the episode she guest starred on for nostalgia?

Even if famous couples split on good terms (or enough time has passed from a bad one), would it still be weird? I genuinely can't stop thinking about this. I need to know.