Which Anna Delvey Are You? An 'Inventing Anna' Quiz

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Which Anna Delvey Are You? An 'Inventing Anna' Quiz

Heiress. Socialite. Businesswoman. Scammer. Insult queen of New York. Anna Delvey was the ultimate chameleon. Just as Vivian deduced from looking at her ever-changing style on Instagram, there was never just one Anna. There were dozens of Annas. But which version of Anna Delvey are you?

Look, while it's hard not feel some amount of sympathy for the fake heiress after watching Inventing Anna, she's not exactly aspirational. But there is a part of me that wishes I possessed her endless confidence, or her ability to completely eviscerate her soon to be ex-boyfriend by quoting Yoko Ono. I like to think there's a little bit of Anna in all of is — just with less theft involved, you know?

Whether she was posing as a German heiress in order to infiltrate the cool kids' table of New York's social elite or working towards making her dream of opening an ultra-exclusive art collective come true, you have to admit Anna's commitment to her persona of the week never waivered. If you were to step into her (very) expensive shoes, which version of Anna would you be? Take the quiz below to find out which version of the next-level scammer you are deep down.

1. Oh No! Your Scamming Has Just Caught Up With You & Now You're In Jail, What Do You Want The Most?

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