Are we sure Shonda rhimes produced this

I’m trying to get into inventing Anna and it’s like watching paint dry. For such an interesting story and such an anticipated series I just can’t believe the best thing about it is the soundtrack and the actress who plays Neff. I’m halfway through episode two and I just feel like since the real Anna was involved with the show it was a huge mistake to do it from the journalists POV. I don’t care about her I don’t care about her personal life I don’t care about her career. I want the glitz the glam and the scam.

It’s not giving what needs to be gave. They shouldve did one episode from the viewpoint of every main character in Anna’s life or just from Anna’s viewpoint. I know that I’m so interested in seeing how this plays out that I have no self respect and will see it through even though I’ve hated the last 90 minutes. So if it manages to change my mind I will definitely be back to eat my words because one thing about me I can own being a flip flopper.