'I Am The Cute One' Considers An Olsen Twins Comeback

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'I Am The Cute One' Considers An Olsen Twins Comeback

In this week's bonus episode of I Am The Cute One, Donny and Chelsea welcome Amity Hanson, the host of Gimme Pizza: A Mary-Kate & Ashley Podcast. Amity is just as well-versed in the Olsen's acting repertoire, which makes her the perfect guest for an episode dedicated to just that!

Starting from the very beginning in 1987 (truly, the very beginning since Mary-Kate and Ashley were only six months old when they started filming Full House), Donny, Chelsea, and Amity will guide you through the highlights and the long hours of the Olsen's acting careers. Could the twins be prime for a comeback? Donny has a good idea, HBO. Listen up!

Make sure to follow Amity and shop her Mary-Kate and Ashley collection here. And for more details on I Am The Cute One's giveaway, check out Donny's Instagram page!

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