'I Am The Cute One' Invites You To Mary-Kate & Ashley's Many Birthday Parties

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'I Am The Cute One' Invites You To Mary-Kate & Ashley's Many Birthday Parties

The beginning of You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Birthday Party is actually pretty tragic. It involves two young girls, around 11 years old, decorating their own birthday cakes without a parent in sight. What's worse, they have to plan their own birthday party, too. But due to a miscommunication, the invitations went out and no planning had been done, so now these apparently parentless children have no one to celebrate their birthdays with except each other. (A twin perk, if you ask me.)

That is, until, they come up with the straight-to-VHS worthy idea of throwing a party that we're all invited to. Welcome to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's birthday!

This week, Chelsea and Donny are joined by Mani, from the Mixing with Mani podcast, and the three break down the horrible party planning skills of the Olsen twins, moon bounces, grandma masks, accent work, and the problematic elements of the many birthday parties of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Plus, one song gets a 5/5 from all co-hosts!

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