'I Am The Cute One' Goes To The Ballet

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'I Am The Cute One' Goes To The Ballet

Have you ever dreamt of dancing in the ballet? For this week's I Am the Cute One, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen take their talents to the Big Apple for a night of dancing in the 1998 film You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party.

Our hosts Donny and Chelsea are joined by Joseph Shepherd, host of Exposed: Dragged Out, a podcast from The Dipp for an elegant evening at the ballet. Joseph has never seen any of the Olsen's earlier work, nor can he tell them apart, but does that stop him from having an opinion about the twins unleashing themselves in New York City? Of course not.

Make sure to follow Joseph here, and check out his podcast for The Dipp here. Also, don't forget to like and review I Am the Cute One on Apple Podcasts.

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