'I Am The Cute One' Follows Mary-Kate And Ashley Into A Volcano

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'I Am The Cute One' Follows Mary-Kate And Ashley Into A Volcano

Some episodes of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley just flow. Others? Well, they erupt into a display of after-school special lameness. And so is the case in "The Case Of The Mystery Volcano," the latest installment of the classic '90s series that I Am The Cute One explores.

In today's episode of I Am The Cute One, co-hosts Chelsea and Donny consider calling protective services on Adventures, as they watch Mary-Kate and Ashley trudge into the Gulf of Mexico to investigate (what else?) a volcano. Between marshmallow miners (?), a far-too-obvious twist, and the utter lack of musical numbers, there's a lot to delve into.

So grab your trench coat, and check out I Am The Cute One below, or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!


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