'I Am The Cute One' Revisits ‘Freaky Friday’ & All Of Its Almost Stars

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'I Am The Cute One' Revisits ‘Freaky Friday’ & All Of Its Almost Stars

What would a world look like if Michelle Trachtenberg had Lindsay Lohan's career? It could have happened if Trachtenberg hadn't dropped out of both the Parent Trap and this week's I Am the Cute One movie du jour, Freaky Friday.

Ryan Bailey, the host of IHeartRadio's So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey, joins Chelsea and Donny for one of the best body swap movies to ever exist: Freaky Friday, starring Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. (But almost starring Kelly Osbourne and Jodie Foster — just listen, it will make sense.)

The trio discuss major teen angst in their own childhoods. From Chelsea's detention stories, to Donny's dad walking in on him watching "MTV," and Ryan's racy Blockbuster career. Listen to the full episode below and make sure to follow Ryan on Instagram and check out his podcast here.

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