Re-Introducing Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen — Better (Fashionably) Late Than Never

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Re-Introducing Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen — Better (Fashionably) Late Than Never

Consider this post a retraction for all former articles about I Am the Cute One. Because according to our podcast hosts' special guest this episode, Danielle Prescod, it is unfashionable to call the Olsen twins "Mary-Kate and Ashley." "It's kind of an open secret. They prefer Ashley and Mary-Kate," Danielle tells Donny and Chelsea in the new episode of IATCO which reviews You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Fashion Party. Lesson learned!

In this You're Invited... installment, a now pre-teen Ashley and Mary-Kate are hosting a fashion party for their closest friends. The girls have gotten older, but some things never change. And by that, we mean... the fashion. Fashion is cyclical and don't be surprised if you see these fashion moments popping up on your #fyp on TikTok.

Listen to the full episode below for more fashion intel and, of course, some more bad songs. (It wouldn't be a You're Invited... without them!) And make sure to follow Danielle Prescod on Instagram. Danielle is the co-founder of 2BG Consulting, the former BET style director, author of the future book Token Black Girl. Also, don't forget to like and review I Am the Cute One on Apple Podcasts!

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