'IATCO' Revists 'A Cinderella Story' & It Will Make You "Laugh Out Loud"

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'IATCO' Revists 'A Cinderella Story' & It Will Make You "Laugh Out Loud"

No, that headline isn't something chewed up and spat out by the 2012 internet. It's actually a reference to one of the best movies ever made, A Cinderella Story, featuring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.

In the first episode of their third season, Chelsea and Donny are joined by Troy and Kelli from Beyond The Blinds podcast to discuss this very important motion picture. From the wardrobe choices, to their own personal stories about Catfishing people, to the one thing that has haunted millennials for years — how did CMM not know that was Hilary behind the mask?

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Be sure to listen to the full episode of I Am the Cute One below, and check out Troy and Kelli's podcast Beyond The Blinds, too!

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