The 'How I Met Your Father' Pilot Mirrors The 'How I Met Your Mother' Pilot In These Key Ways

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The 'How I Met Your Father' Pilot Mirrors The 'How I Met Your Mother' Pilot In These Key Ways

There's no suiting up, legen — wait for it — dary adventures, or slap bets in the How I Met Your Father pilot, but there's also no doubt it shares its DNA with How I Met Your Mother. Not only does the Hulu series reveal that Jesse and Sid live in Ted, Marshall, and Lily's old apartment, the pilot also includes plenty of nods to the HIMYM premiere. From both main characters experiencing a case of insta-love to the Brooklyn Bridge playing a key role in the back half of the episode, the pilots mirror each other in some key ways.

HIMYF is already carving out its own identity — most of the characters are strangers at the beginning of the episode, there's no obvious Barney stand-in, and not a single high five is exchanged — but it's also not afraid to use HIMYM for inspiration. For instance, Sophie is basically just a female Ted at this point, and her introduction story hits many of the same beats that Mr. Mosby's did. The biggest departure at this stage is Sophie has just four candidates in the running to be the father of her child, while Ted didn't even narrow the field for the mother down to the women of New York City in the HIMYM pilot.

Even though it's not technically a reboot, fans of HIMYM surely experienced at least a little bit of déjà vu while watching the HIMYF premiere.

Every HIMYM Parallel You May Have Missed In The HIMYF Pilot

  • The shows share the same theme song (and in both instances, the opening credits include photos of the friends hanging out).
  • On HIMYM, Ted's future kids are shown in the opening, while only his voice is heard. HIMYF flips the dynamic by having older Sophie (played by Kim Cattrall) appear on screen, while only her son's voice is heard.
  • Both episodes include an engagement. In HIMYM, Marshall pops the question to Lily, and in HIMYF, Sid asks Hannah to marry him at his bar.
  • A significant amount of each episode takes place in cabs/Ubers. In the very first scene of HIMYF, Sophie meets Sid and Jesse when she hops in Jesse's Uber on her way to her date with Ian. Meanwhile, Ted and the gang all pile into Ranjit's taxi when Ted rushes to Robin's apartment to kiss her.
  • Speaking of which, both Ted and Sophie are accompanied by their friends when they make a mad dash to tell a person they've just met how into them they are. Although, in the case of Sophie, she doesn't drop the "L" word on her first date with Ian, like Ted did with Robin.
  • Both Robin and Ian are heading out of the city just after meeting Ted and Sophie. But Robin was just heading to Florida for a week, while Ian is off to Australia for months.
  • Sid and Ted both get a glass of wine thrown in their faces.
  • "The Olive Theory," which Lily and Marshall coined, isn't at all dissimilar to Sophie's "Brooklyn Bridge Girl" — each made up idea is tied to finding true love.
  • Even though Sophie exchanged messages with Ian for weeks before they met, their connection is similar to the insta-love Ted felt when he first saw Robin.
  • Likewise, Jesse instantly falls for Sophie, much like Ted instantly fell for Robin.
  • Robin gets called away to report on someone trying to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of her date with Ted, and all of the new friends walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of the HIMYF pilot.
  • Sid and Jesse literally live in Marshall, Ted, and Lily's old apartment.
  • Both pilots end with a montage as older Sophie and older Ted set up the rest of the long story of how they met the father/mother for their kids.

Even though HIMYF is trying to establish itself as a story that's separate from HIMYM, the pilot is absolutely stacked with moments that are designed to make viewers miss Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney.

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