'How I Met Your Mother' Easter Eggs Are Sprinkled Around The 'Father's Apartment

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'How I Met Your Mother' Easter Eggs Are Sprinkled Around The 'Father's Apartment

How I Met Your Father officially has a concrete connection to How I Met Your Mother in the form of Lily, Marshall, and Ted's old apartment. The beloved hangout space from the original series now belongs to Jesse and Sid, making it a secondary location for HIMYF (which is a shame, because Sophie and Valentina's apartment is cramped AF). For fans of HIMYM, the big reveal is a nostalgic surprise, but it's also one that includes a few decorative Easter eggs for old school fans to discover.

Just in case there was any doubt that HIMYM and HIMYF are set in the same universe, Sid and Jesse confirm they bought the apartment from "some old married couple" they met on a Wesleyan alumni group. That married couple was without a doubt Lily and Marshall, who made the tough decision to find a bigger place when Lily discovered she was pregnant with their third child in the final season. Series co-creator Isaac Aptaker recently told TVLine that he liked the idea of tying the shows together via the apartment, because it still allowed Sophie and her friends to have their own unique hangout spaces in the city. "The guys living in Ted and Marshall’s apartment felt like just the right level of connection — that it wouldn’t be [Sophie’s] apartment, it would be two friends she meets along this journey," he explained.

Still, seeing the apartment again is almost like running into an old friend. And although Jesse and Sid have given the place a stylish update, there are still a few nods to HIMYM to be found within Marshall and Ted's old apartment.

The Layout Is Exactly The Same, But The Apartment Has Had A Facelift

The layout is the same, which means you can spy little details like the fire escape through the window behind the couch and the kitchen pass is still there (although it now has windowpanes). Additionally, Jesse and Sid added a cobalt blue accent wall, and I'm not mad about it. Otherwise the layout of the couch, chairs, and dinette is almost exactly the same, minus the new guys' addition of a strange modern bench to the living room seating arrangement. Also, they finally added a kitchen door to the space.

The Swords Live On

Is it still an Easter egg if the characters point it out? I'm going to go with yes. It seems Marshall and Lily bequeathed the swords to the apartment's new owners (which is probably a good thing considering they have three kids to keep track of). However, Sid and Jesse decided the swords deserved a better display area, and hung them over the fireplace to make them an even more prominent feature of the room.

Sid & Jesse Definitely Stole Some Of Ted, Marshall, & Lily's Throw Pillows

Finally, the new guys are taking inspiration from Ted and Marshall's throw pillow game. While the pillows aren't an exact match, the similarities in the patterns and the liberal use of the color orange are too close to be a coincidence.

Now, the real question is, did Lily and Marshall tell Jesse and Sid about the cockamouse situation? Because that thing has definitely mutated by now.

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