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Do you think Michael Peterson and/or his family will watch HBO's The Staircase?

I watched the first three episodes of HBO's miniseries The Staircase, which is based on the real-life case of Michael Peterson, who was convicted in 2003 of murdering his wife Kathleen. (He later had a reduced charge of manslaughter.)

The shocking story was already given the documentary treatment, with the groundbreaking Netflix series of the same name. While nothing can ever top the jaw-dropping doc, I gotta say I'm impressed with the drama series thus far. Colin Firth is scary good as Peterson and so far it's hitting most of the major points of the story. I know this story top to bottom, and yet, I'm hooked all over again. (There's even an owl!)

As I watched it I found myself wondering something perhaps kind of odd, I admit: will the Peterson (extended and all) watch this? Do you think IRL people ever watch the shows/movies their lives are based on, particularly the ones that don't show them in the best light?