Here's What Happened To The Halstonettes From 'Halston'

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Here's What Happened To The Halstonettes From 'Halston'

Ryan Murphy and Netflix's latest collaboration is a deep dive into the life of famed fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, who was known simply as Halston (which is also the title of the series). But while Halston is an undeniably fascinating figure, his entourage of "Halstonettes" could easily be the subject of their own series. As shown in Halston, the designer was almost always surrounded by the models who brought his fashions to life, and their stories are as rich and varied as they are.

As a result of their near constant presence with the designer, Halston's group of regular models were dubbed the Halstonettes by fashion editor André Leon Talley. These women — including Pat Cleveland, Anjelica Huston, and Karen Bjornson — wore the designer's collection everywhere, not just on the runway. Likewise, they were often seen at Studio 54 with the rest of Halston's famous pals, and in 1979, they embarked on an ambitious world tour to show off American fashions to people around the globe.

To put it simply, the Halstonettes were undeniably cool. They were trendsetters and trailblazers in their field. But since Halston is understandably about, well, Halston, the fascinating women who made his designs a hit become a little lost in the narrative, which may leave you wondering what happened to them once the designer sold his name and the halcyon days of Studio 54 parties came to an end.

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