Evan Peters Will Play Jeffrey Dahmer In New Netflix Series — But Is He Too Hot?

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Evan Peters Will Play Jeffrey Dahmer In New Netflix Series — But Is He Too Hot?

Siri, show me a hot serial killers. Also, Siri, erase my search history. I don't actually need an AI to tell me that Evan Peters would make a hot serial killer. The American Horror Story alum and WandaVision scene-stealer is unquestionably hot, so if he plays a serial killer, said killer would automatically be, well, hot. But is Evan Peters too hot to play Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America's most notorious serial killers?

On Tuesday, March 23, it was announced that Peters will play Dahmer in a limited series from Ryan Murphy called, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. (Because of course the man behind Glee and The Assassination of Gianni Versace is making a show about a man who was accused of killing 17 boys and men over a 14-year span and convicted of 16 of those murders.) To be fair, the casting is pretty spot on. Peters does resemble Dahmer, and, thanks to his years on American Horror Story, he's perfected the sexy-yet-creepy vibe. But, it's also part of a slightly disturbing trend in Hollywood of casting young heartthrobs as serial killers that, to be honest, has me feeling all kinds of confused.

Is making Jeffrey Dahmer hot the hill we, as a serial killer-obsessed society, want to die on? Sure, nobody wants to be attracted to a serial killer (unless you're Love Quinn from You), but the thirst for Peters as Dahmer has already started. And if you think this is just one instance in which a show or movie makes a serial killer hot, you're dead wrong.

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