The 'Gossip Girl' Teaser Trailer Just Confirms I Am Not A Cool Teen

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The 'Gossip Girl' Teaser Trailer Just Confirms I Am Not A Cool Teen

When you were a kid, did you hide the letters "X" and "O" in your clothes, nails, jewelry, or buzz cut? OK, good, because I thought I had missed something after watching the new Gossip Girl teaser trailer. The quick clip doesn't give much away about the new series, other than the date the Gossip Girl reboot will premiere on HBO Max, that teens are way cooler than I'll ever be, and that Gossip Girl has been gotten way bolder during her dormant years. I'm here for it.

Back in April, The Dipp's Olivia Truffaut-Wong theorized that Gossip Girl's big twist this time around could be that we learn who Gossip Girl is right from the start. Well, the new teaser certainly could support that theory, with Kristen Bell's voiceover teasing, "I can see you... And before I'm through, I'll make sure you see you, too." Not a huge clue that Gossip Girl will be revealed right off the bat, but it could hint that there are multiple people behind the account or that whomever is running the account will expose themselves the same way they will their peers.

Other takeaways include:

  • Great fashion. This may seem obvious, but rest assured the fashion is there.
  • The cast, in general, looks great. We've been documenting the set photos on The Dipp, but seeing them in action definitely sells me on them.
  • The show comes out on July 8 on HBO Max.
  • Mildly threatening messages from an anonymous source still make me so excited to dive into the lives of fictional teens.

Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think about the forthcoming reboot in the comments!

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Images: HBO Max

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