The 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Teased A New "Twist" & It Better Not Have To Do With Dan Humphrey

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The 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Teased A New "Twist" & It Better Not Have To Do With Dan Humphrey

The Gossip Girl reboot is so close, you can almost taste it. Despite being set to premiere in July, we still barely know anything about the show. However, thanks to a new feature in Cosmopolitan, we know a little bit more — the new cast looks great in various clothing trends, a revelation! — but the main takeaway from the piece is that the Gossip Girl reboot will feature a major twist, and I already have theories.

A lot has changed since Dan Humphrey launched the stalkery Gossip Girl blog from his Brooklyn bedroom. For one thing, Gossip Girl is no longer just a blog, but "an all-encompassing social media platform." (Showrunner Josh Safran refused to elaborate, but I'm guessing that the new GG has more of a TikTok video component based on the Gossip Girl Instagram page.) For another, Manhattan's elite (aka the GG reboot cast) are a lot less white and straight than they used to be. But one thing remains the same: Gossip Girl remains impossible to predict, hence the big, secretive twist teased in the new profile.

"My hope is that we make it to airing and people don't know," Safran told the magazine. "I would love to see that conversation happen in the context of people having seen it as opposed to talking about something they haven't seen."

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Look, Safran, I respect you, but now that I know there's a twist coming, you can bet we're going to discuss it, and that means it's time for theories!

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