Every Original 'Gossip Girl' Character Featured In The Reboot — From Nelly To Dorota

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Every Original 'Gossip Girl' Character Featured In The Reboot — From Nelly To Dorota

In many ways, HBO Max's Gossip Girl revival is a much different show from its CW predecessor. The Constance kids take Lyfts instead of yellow cabs, are addicted to Instagram, and actually know a thing or two about social justice issues. (Even if some of them care about them a lot more than others.) Yet despite the differences between the two shows, both Gossip Girl series exist in the same world — if anything, the reboot is more of a sequel than anything else.

While major characters like Blair and Serena likely won't grace our screens any time soon (Joshua Safran, the creator of the new series, has said in interviews that he thinks their presence would be distracting from the drama — and he's probably right) we have seen people from the OG GG crossover into the new one. Here's who showed up in the first season of the Gossip Girl reboot — because, XOXO, you know you love them.

Rebecca Sherman

Image: HBO Max

Technically, we never met Rebecca Sherman, who was a classmate of the original crew. She does, however, appear in the flesh in the first episode of HBO Max's Gossip Girl as a Constance teacher, ready to spill the tea on the original anonymous blogger. She points out that, at one point, the gang suspected she was the one behind the keyboard — which they did, in the Season 2 graduation episode.

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