Why Have Aki & Audrey On 'Gossip Girl' When We Could Have Aki & Max?

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Why Have Aki & Audrey On 'Gossip Girl' When We Could Have Aki & Max?

HBO Max's Gossip Girl revival isn't serving us the same relationship drama as the first season of The CW's original series did. Nor should it! You can't exactly replicate Dan's awkward-but-adorable first date with his dream girl, Serena, nor recreate Blair and Chuck's salacious hookup in the back of his limo. Yet that doesn't mean Gossip Girl 2.0. can't serve us that same burning, will-they-won't-they drama — they just have to repackage it for a Gen Z audience that's already seen all the tropes before. And that's why I'm rooting hard for Aki and Max to be our next Chuck and Blair.

I know what you're probably thinking: Audrey is the obvious stand-in for Blair, and she's already had a salacious hookup with Max, who is basically Chuck reincarnate. Shouldn't Audrey be half of the Chuck and Blair, 2.0. thing?

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I would probably have agreed with you, had it not been for episode 5. While Chuck and Blair had insane sexual chemistry, the thing that really made their romance something to root for was the fact that, when they weren't busy scheming, they were doing all they could to protect each other. (Chuck trading Blair for a hotel thing aside...if we can ever really put that aside.)

And Aki? He's definitely protective over Max. Here's what went down in episode 5: Aki — who as far as we know has unidentified feelings towards Max that seemingly awakened some sexy feelings for men in general — learned that his friend was hooking up with his teacher, Rafa. Aki, being a smart, responsible teenager who understands that Rafa is a predator and not just an older gentleman, confronted him in order to tell him to stay the hell away from Max. And while that's certainly something a friend could do...it's also something someone who may or may not be in love with Max would do, too, no?

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