Who Is Austin's Dad On 'Ginny & Georgia' And Why Is He So "Terrible"?

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Who Is Austin's Dad On 'Ginny & Georgia' And Why Is He So "Terrible"?

Warning: spoilers for Season 1 of Ginny & Georgia ahead. As Ginny and Austin depart from their small Massachusetts town, they also leave behind the return address to their home listed on the letters they sent to Austin's dad. Despite popular belief (and what Georgia tells him), Austin's dad on Ginny & Georgia is not a dark wizard in Azkaban, but beyond that fact, we don't know too much about him.

The mystery of Austin's dad on Ginny & Georgia felt like the missing link of Season 1, in addition to a major sticking point in Georgia's relationship with Austin. So I've decided to comb through the season to figure out what we know about him and how his introduction could play into a Season 2.

A Very Brief Bio For Gil Timmins

The backstory with Gil Timmins is one secret Georgia didn't end up spilling by the end of Season 1. (In her eyes, it was the best way she knew how to protect her kids.)

Austin is nine years old at the start of the show as a student at Bankler Elementary School. Georgia is 30 now, so she had him with Gil when she was 21 and she'd previously had Ginny when she was 15. So she had to have met Gil in between breaking up with Zion and marrying Kenny.

And... that's about it. We don't know how they met, why he's persona non grata in the Miller family, or better yet, why Georgia deems Austin's dad as "terrible."

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