7 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 Questions — One Specifically About That 'FNL' Reference

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7 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 Questions — One Specifically About That 'FNL' Reference

After binging Ginny & Georgia in the span of 24 hours, I'm of the mind that MANG is my group of friends, I should check if my window is unlocked in case any boys next door try to climb through, and I need to dodge those penguins in the rearview mirror of my love life.

And while the show is tender-hearted for sure, the finale of the Netflix dramedy left me with plenty of theories and questions for Ginny & Georgia Season 2. Creator Sarah Lampert didn't hold back on cliffhangers, but just how many can we expect to be answered in a potential second season?

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for all of Ginny & Georgia Season 1 below.

1. Will Joe Finally Tell Georgia That He's Sunglasses Guy?

Mr. Joe the Café Bro is known for his sage and collected demeanor, but since Georgia first walked into his shop, he's been unable to resist her charm and joie de vivre. But will Joe eventually tell Georgia that he was the one that gave her that sandwich, sunglasses, and a dream all those years ago at a rest stop? If these two are endgame (which I'm assuming they are), it's gonna have to come out eventually.

2. Is Ginny Driving Off to Zion's Apartment?

The clearest option for Ginny when she skips town and leaves behind the dangers of her mom's past and her high school heartbreaks is to head on over to Zion's place. Even if that calls for stealing your sort-of boyfriend's bike.

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