'Ginny & Georgia' And 'Gilmore Girls': Same, But Different

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'Ginny & Georgia' And 'Gilmore Girls': Same, But Different

Netflix's latest, irresistibly binge-able dramedy series Ginny & Georgia is Gilmore Girls with bigger boobs. At least, that's the tongue-in-cheek line given to audiences within the first episode. And while the writers of the show most likely knew that Ginny & Georgia would easily call to mind the fan-favorite series of another 30-something mom raising her teenage daughter in small town, the shows differ quite a bit when you look under the hood (where you'll find Gypsy).

Spoilers for Ginny & Georgia Season 1 ahead.

1. Is Joe the Luke to Georgia's Lorelai?

The Same: Neighborhood coffee joints are critical to both Gilmore Girls and Ginny & Georgia. (On Ginny & Georgia, it's an actual Joe doling out the cups of coffee.) And surprise surprise, just like Luke on Gilmore Girls, it's readily apparent just how smitten he is with the newest resident in town.

But Different: While Joe and Georgia's relationship also seems destined to be a slow burn like Luke and Lorelai, we learn that Joe and Georgia actually had a chance meeting at a rest stop when they were younger. That, kids, is what we call a missed connection. Plus, in Ginny & Georgia, it's Ginny that picks up a job at the cafe, where as Lane is the one who works for Luke in Gilmore Girls. One similarity neither show can escape: a well-hydrated cast of characters.

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