Ranking The Love Interests On 'Ginny & Georgia'

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Ranking The Love Interests On 'Ginny & Georgia'

Wellsbury, Massachusetts is more than a picturesque New England town offering mom and daughter duo Ginny and Georgia Miller a fresh start on Ginny & Georgia, it's also a veritable hot bed of gorgeous men who can't stop falling for the Miller women. Across Season 1's 10 episodes, Ginny and Georgia have a combined five love interests — not counting Georgia's two awful, no good ex-husbands — and each one of them is charming in his own way. That makes ranking Ginny and Georgia's potential suitors all the more difficult, because while they're not perfect, they all have chemistry with the show's leading ladies. To which I say, how dare they?

It's impossible not to compare Ginny & Georgia to the Gilmore Girls, even though the show carves out its own identity fairly early on. But while it was clear Loralei and Luke were written in the stars right from the beginning, Georgia's love life is way more complicated. Meanwhile, Ginny finds herself torn between troubled bad boy Marcus (the Jess) and sensitive smartie Hunter (think Dean, but more enlightened) — both of which have plenty going for them in the boyfriend department.

Honestly, it's an embarrassment of woke bae riches. But which one of them is true penguin material?

5. Paul, The Mayor

Look, I understand that your feelings about Paul may be complicated by the fact that he's played by Scott Porter, A.K.A. Jason Street from Friday Night Lights, but don't let his Kennedy-esque jawline fool you: Paul is a bore. The young mayor is certainly attractive, and his position within the town is alluring to Georgia, because it would offer her the power and security she craves. But once you get past his "aw, shucks" demeanor, Wellsbury's mayor's prospects as a long-term love interest for Georgia begin to dwindle.

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