Ellen From 'Ginny & Georgia' Has A Surprising Connection To 'Schitt's Creek'

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Ellen From 'Ginny & Georgia' Has A Surprising Connection To 'Schitt's Creek'

Netflix's new series Ginny & Georgia pleasantly surprised me in a number of ways, from subverting my expectations that it would be a total Gilmore Girls clone to making me overinvest in a fictional relationship for the first time in ages (Joe and Georgia 4Eva). But nothing in Season 1 of Ginny & Georgia surprised me more than Jocelyn Schitt being a Wellsbury mom.

I was late to the Schitt's Creek party, but over the course of 2020, I consumed nearly every episode of the brilliant, heartfelt Canadian comedy that seems to have taken over the internet. Like everyone else, I swooned over David and Patrick, coveted Alexis' "A" necklace, and pledged my undying fealty to Moira Rose. But one of the things I loved most about the show was Jocelyn, a character who so easily could have become the butt of every joke, but who was actually a total boss whose down to earth reactions to the Rose family's antics never failed to make me laugh.

Which is why I'm embarrassed to admit that it took me roughly four episodes of Ginny & Georgia to realize that Max and Marcus' fast-talking, perpetually harried mom Ellen is played by actual comedic genius Jennifer Robertson, a.k.a. Jocelyn, the First Lady of Schitt's Creek. But I will happily admit my shame just in case you too are watching the Netflix dramedy and wondering why Ellen looks so familiar.

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