'Ginny & Georgia' Is Basically A 'Degrassi' Reunion

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'Ginny & Georgia' Is Basically A 'Degrassi' Reunion

Caught yourself doing a double take while watching Netflix's newest dramedy series, Ginny & Georgia? Try five double takes, as there are that many Degrassi actors in Ginny & Georgia, the biggest reunion since, well, Drake's literal reunion in his "I'm Upset" video in 2018.

As Ginny & Georgia was filmed primarily in Toronto, according to IMDb, and Coburg, Ontario, it makes sense the casting department would seek out local talent from the longest running drama series in Canadian history. So who exactly is pulling double duty from Degrassi, you might ask?

Sara Waisglass as Maxine "Max"

On G&G: Maxine, "Max" for short, is Ginny's neighbor and first friend in Wellsbury. And oh yeah, the fraternal sister of Ginny's secret hookup, Marcus. Openly lesbian and the lead in the school musical, Max is outgoing, bubbly, and immediately wrangles Ginny into her group of friends after hearing her eviscerate their AP English reading list.

On Degrassi: Waisglass starred in Degrassi (Seasons 13-14) and its sequel series, Degrassi: Next Class (Seasons 1-4) as Francesca "Frankie" Hollingsworth. The younger sister of Miles (whose best friend she dated) and fraternal twin to Hunter (she has the twin roles down pat), Frankie always strove to be the perfect daughter and keep up appearances, especially when her dad was running for mayor.

Chelsea Clark as Norah

On G&G: Norah is the N in Max's MANG gang. She's Jewish, in a long-term relationship with Jordan, and in her words, has been "in therapy since I was old enough to understand the word 'adopted.'" We still don't know too much about her character, aside from her discomfort with Georgia's gun in the house.

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