Here's What The 'House Of The Dragon' Costumes Reveal About The Characters

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Here's What The 'House Of The Dragon' Costumes Reveal About The Characters

Much like the rest of the Game of Thrones fanverse, I've been anxiously awaiting more content to erase the treachery of 2019's eighth season (thanks, D & D). And thankfully, HBO reentered the chat with House of the Dragon, a prequel to the tale we know and love... and then began to hate. But still love. It's complicated.

Anyway, after seeing the three teaser pictures that were graciously shared by the new Instagram account for the series (@houseofthedragonhbo), I analyzed the anatomy of these costumes and the characters wearing them to see what clues the outfits might be hiding.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen & Prince Daemon Targaryen


On our right we have Princess Rhaenyra, the daughter of Viserys I Targaryen and Queen Aemma of House Arryn. While she was in the minority of Targaryens to not have been born out of incest, she unfortunately marries her uncle, Prince Daemon Targaryen, the blondie we see on our right. The two are engrossed in conversation, perhaps planning an attack in the forthcoming battle, the Dance of the Dragons.

But we’re not here to discuss their creepy romance or battle plans… we’re here for the clues in the costumes.

Rhaenyra is in a tailored, velvet gown in rich purple, with shades of maroon and black, which is her signature according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire. These colors typically construe wealth, power, and elegance, all which are essential to the royal on the Iron Throne or any noble person of our Westeros world.

From shoulder to the out-of-frame hem and on the cuffs of her sleeves, we can see a detailed black and gold lace, which she is said to have often obtained from Myr. Do the misshapen circles decorating the lace might be seen as dragon scales, a nod to her history as a dragonrider. Even the embellishments holding her corset-style ties together resemble dragon claws, paying homage to her family name.

As for her uncle Daemon, we see a sharply structured coat/vest, a staple in Targaryen style. Has anyone ever noticed how their wardrobe is consistently reminiscent of armor? We can attribute this to this family’s long-reigning status and a demonstration of power. I mean, we don’t call a tailored, shoulder-padded suit a power suit for nothing.

The neckline is buttoned up tightly by ornate clasps, which, dare I say, look almost like dragons spreading their wings in flight. Is this a forewarning nod to the looming Dance of the Dragons battle? Only time (and HBO) will tell.

His paneled sleeves also seem to don a faintly scaled pattern, which we can also attribute to his family legacy. These people really love their dragons, what can I say.

Draped on Prince Daemon’s hips is a black leather belt with metal details. In an alternating fashion, both compass-looking and diamond-shaped hardware are stamped into the material. If you look at our next shot of The Sea Snake, we see the same belt cinching his waist… can there be a connection here? More on that later.

Corlys Velaryon, aka the Sea Snake


Corlys Velaryon, a.k.a the Sea Snake, is a famed seafarer and adventurer in the Seven Kingdoms, and he's acknowledged for his prowess on the open water. He is married to Rhaenys Targaryen and has connections with the Targaryen family in ways I will leave to the show writers to explain (honestly because this family tree is crazy).

Shrouding the Sea Snake’s figure is a sleeveless, draping vest that grazes his shins. It’s made of a thick material, most likely for protection against the elements during quests at sea. His long-sleeved, mock-neck tunic also seems to be made of a tough material, dyed in a dark bluish-green hue, possibly alluding to the deep turquoise color of his family crest.

Speaking of this crest, the unmissable emblem of House Velaryon is embossed into the front of his tunic, proudly bearing his kingdom no matter what land (or seas) he occupied. The embellishment consists of a scaled seahorse, proudly representing the family’s talents as seafarers. His tunic is also cinched at the waist with the similar belt that Prince Daemon Targaryen dons in the first photo, clearly indicating their royal links within the Targaryen family.

Our aquatic Hand finishes off the look with a pair of leather boots that scale up and under the hems of his garments. No matter the weather, the Sea Snake looks ready for battle (and a nice voyage at sea).

Queen Alicent Hightower with her father, Otto Hightower


In our last promo shot shared by @houseofthedragonhbo, we see a calculating Queen Alicent Hightower with her father, Otto Hightower.

Alicent Hightower was married to King Viserys I Targaryen, a.k.a. Princess Rhaenyra’s father. She is a stepmother to Rhaenyra, and they once had an amicable relationship. That is, until Alicent began having children, a.k.a. heirs to the Iron Throne. But since Rhaenyra was the original princess and firstborn of Viserys I, she was still the first in line once her father passed. This wasn’t ideal for Alicent or her stepdaughter, as both of these leading ladies wanted the power, but there was only room for one. Perfect setup for this show’s impending drama!

Otto Hightower, a dutiful dad, was always on Alicent’s side when the debate between who should take the throne, Rhaenyra’s or Alicent’s children, would ensue. We can see here that he wears the infamous Hand of the King/Queen pin, indicating that he is his daughter’s Hand at the time of this frame. More on his story in the show, I assume.

Okay, back to the wardrobe. Queen Alicent stuns in a boat neckline gown made of what appears to be a deep green, crosshatched fabric. Two golden chains connect her shoulders, ornate with textured pendants. She then pairs this dress with a lavish emerald headdress and thick, green- and gold-braided headband to secure her brown curls. Finished with dangling, golden bar earrings and an emerald pendant necklace, we have a look fit for a queen.

In addition to the shiny Hand pin we see Otto proudly don, he is seen wearing a popped-collar tunic (or is it a top? Thanks to this crop, we’ll never know) and a draping cloak in similar woven fabrics. He, too, wraps himself in Alicent’s shade of deep green, contrasting with a velvety lapel in a midnight shade. In traditional GoT fashion, we can sense a general trend of militant clothing among the men of Westeros.

His top is clasped together with thick pins grouped into columns of three. At his neck, we can see Otto Hightower wearing an ornate, golden chain… or perhaps it is an embellishment under his elevated collar? Points for style, nonetheless.

HBO’s House of the Dragon premieres on January 1st, 2022. Get your countdowns going, people.


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