~ Food ~

Why does everyone hate mushrooms?

I don't know who needs to hear this but I think we should all bless our palate and eat some mushrooms! Not the psychedelic kind before y'all start lol.. but the ones that you use for cooking and eating. There was a period of time that I couldn't fully enjoy eating dishes with mushrooms in it because I thought I was allergic. Long story short, my mom was allergic to them and thought that if she was allergic to something it would be passed down to me.. And that was not the case, LORD I wish somebody would have talked some sense into her. I actually found out that I wasn't allergic because my dad accidentally ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza... He started freaking out because I ate 3 slices but I felt fine! I also discovered my love for mushrooms and from that point on me and mushrooms have been tight ever since.

I include it in my pasta dishes, I order them as a pizza topping, I will put it over chicken, or sautee them and eat it as a side dish. I will literally put it on any and everything.. Well not everything but most things.

If you are not a fan of mushrooms I would love to hear why, hopefully my story might change your mind..