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what's your "pantry pasta"?

my friends and I were talking about good recipes for a magazine, and my girlfriend mentioned our "pantry pasta" a sauce we make when we can't run to the store and need to make something quick and in a pinch. it got me wondering what other people keep on hand to make something yummy quick and easy

our pantry pasta is a puttanesca sauce

- a few cloves of garlic

- small onion

- a can of diced tomatoes

- some green olives

- maybe capers

- some tuna in oil

- olive oil

- red chili flakes

you saute the onions and garlic till they're brown, add some red chili flakes for heat, add the olives and capers, saute a bit more. deglaze with the tomatoes, and add the tuna and it's basically done. Maybe total cook and prep time is like 45min? Anyone else have any good ones?