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"Taco truck" flavored jelly beans

So I was in my local drugstore buying a mother's day card -- the line was really long and my husband and I were stuck staring at all the discounted Easter candy....we saw a bag of "Taco Truck" inspired jellybeans and against my better judgement we bought them.

Here are the flavors included: Churro, Horchata, Margarita, Guacamole, Salsa, and, Beef Taco.

Now just let that sit for a moment. Beef. Taco.

Of course we had to try all of them... Horachata was a 10/10, would eat again even though I hate jelly beans to begin with.

Salsa tasted so much like salsa that it was disgusting. Even the beef one tasted so beefy I had to spit it out/drink a gallon of water afterward.

We only paid $1.71 for this bag and honestly that seems a bit steep for the gag...not sure why on earth they came up with these flavors??