~ Food ~

What's a food that no one can convince you isn't healthy?

Frankly, there's a lot of foods like this for me. I consider myself healthy-ish (you know, mostly healthy but enjoys the splurge and occasional one or five cocktails on a Friday night), however there are foods and drinks that I simply choose not to hear other peoples opinions are- and I would like to hear yours as well.

Peanut butter- it will always be healthy to me. It's literally nut butter?

Chocolate chips- they are like sort of dark chocolate so it doesn't matter if I have a few or a few handfuls

Ginger ale and gatorade- two sorts of sugary beverages that also aid in easing nausea. So it's good for you

Diet Coke- I don't want to hear it it's 0 calories

Freshly baked goods- like literally any sort of fresh bread or pastries, something about the fact that its fresh makes it seem like its so much better for you

Chick Fil A - I shouldn't even have to explain myself with this one. Its the healthiest fast food in my mind.