10 Questions 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 2 Needs To Answer

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10 Questions 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 2 Needs To Answer

Fate: The Winx Saga started out as a show about Alfea, a fun magic boarding school and ended up being about a teenage army tasked with saving the world, and honestly, I'm still reeling. Assuming Netflix renews the show, there are a lot of questions Fate: The Winx Saga needs to answer in Season 2. Starting with: what the hell is going on here? Warning: spoilers for Fate: The Wins Saga Season 1 ahead.

The six-episode Season 1 of Fate ends on a massive cliffhanger, with Rosalind, the former headmistress of Alfea, killing Mrs. Dowling to take back control over the school and teasing an epic war to come. And while she does use some of her evil mastermind monologues to fill in a few Season 1 blanks, Rosalind really leaves us with more questions than answers.

1. What Is The Dragon Flame?

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At the end of the season, Rosalind reveals that Bloom's magic is something "primal" called the Dragon Flame, an ancient kind of power that was used thousands of years ago to create the Burned Ones. She tells Bloom that this same power is what can destroy the Burned Ones for good. And that may be true, but let's face it: Rosalind cannot be trusted. It's just as likely that Rosalind wants to control Bloom's Dragon Flame power for her own nefarious reasons, and that accessing it will end up hurting Bloom in the long run.

2. What exactly are the Burned Ones and what do they want?

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In the Season finale, Bloom accessed her fire fairy potential and was able to use her power to kill the Burned Ones attacking Alfea, revealing their true nature: the Burned Ones are humans from an ancient war transformed by the Dragon Flame, something Rosalind later admits she has always known. The new Alfea headmistress also confirmed that she set the Burned Ones loose on the school to test Bloom's own Dragon Flame powers. But, if Rosalind was really fighting a war against the Burned Ones back in the day, as she claimed, why hide that information from her most valued soldiers? And how does she have the power to send them to Alfea? Unless...she made them.

Theory: Rosalind controls the Burned Ones. We already know that Rosalind used the Burned Ones to trick her colleagues into killing a village full of Blood Witches (supposedly). What if she created them and used them as a pretext to kill people she didn't like?

3. How Exactly Is Bloom Connected To The Burned Ones?

Rosalind says that the Burned Ones are connected to Bloom's Dragon Flame, which explains why Bloom and the Burned Ones are able to sense each other. And the Burned Ones only start showing up again in the magical world after Bloom activates her power and learns she's a fairy, suggesting a strong connection between her bloodline and the Burned Ones.

Throughout the season, the audience is meant to believe that the Burned Ones have returned with the sole purpose of killing Bloom, which would mean that Rosalind is telling the truth, and that only Bloom's Dragon Flame can destroy them. But what if they want to take her?

Theory: Bloom's family sent the Burned Ones to find her. Assuming Bloom isn't the only member of her family with this Dragon Flame power, it's possible that the Burned Ones were once created to protect Bloom's family line, and that her real parents are using the Burned Ones to find her.

4. What is Rosalind's end game?

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Rosalind explained some of her motives to Mrs. Dowling before killing her in the season finale, but there's still a lot that doesn't make sense. Like, why did she let Silva believe she was tricking Farah and Professor Harvey into committing a war crime at Aster Dell? Why didn't she just tell them all the truth? And if she wants to get into Bloom's good graces, why kill Mrs. Dowling? Make it make sense, people.

5. Is Mrs. Dowling really dead?

After Rosalind uses her powers to crack Mrs. Dowling's neck and bury her in an unmarked grave with the Burned Ones, it sure looks like the former headmistress is very dead — never to return. But, she's also a super powerful fairy who doesn't trust Rosalind, which means she could have planned for this eventuality and used her magic to survive. Vive la résistance!

6. Is Alfea a school or a training camp? Do other fairies and non-magical citizens of the Otherworld go to different schools?

In the show, Alfea is introduced as a boarding school that trains fairies and "specialists," non magical teens who are, essentially, learning to become warriors. It's unclear how the school is preparing its students for any adult life other than being a soldier. There also only appear to be three teachers in the whole school: Headmistress Farah Dowling teaches the fairies, headmaster Saul Silva teaches the specialists, and Professor Harvey teaches magical plants 101. That can't be normal.

In the original Winx cartoon, there is a rival magic school in the Otherworld, per Cosmopolitan. That school is for witches, however, which suggests that perhaps the other schools in the Otherworld are all magic-specific. Fairies and specialists at Alfea, witches at another school, and so on.

7. Is Beatrix a Blood Witch or a fairy?

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Beatrix tells Bloom that she was also a fairy child of Aster Dell, but then Rosalind tells Bloom that there were no fairies in Aster Dell, only Blood Witches. So, either Beatrix was also lied to by Rosalind or she's hiding an even darker secret.

Theory: Beatrix is a blood witch. Rosalind said that blood witches were humans who used sacrifice to gain magic. Perhaps Beatrix herself was created out of the Aster Dell massacre. (I'm not sure how blood witches work in Fate, but, hey, it's a possibility!)

8. What is the new threat coming for Alfea?

In the finale, Rosalind tells Mrs. Dowling that a new, more sinister threat is coming for the fairies and that's why she had to activate Bloom's Dragon Flame. But what this new threat is, she didn't say. Granted, she could have no idea what she's talking about. Rosalind has, after all, been imprisoned for over a decade. But if she's right, and there is a new threat coming, she better share with the class — and fast.

9. What happened to the girl Stella blinded?

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Throughout Season 1, there are multiple references to Stella's former BFF, Ricki, who she accidentally blinded in a jealous rage when she lost control of her powers. Ricki has not returned to the school, likely because of Stella's mother's royal influence, but where is she? Her magic didn't just disappear, so who is teaching her? Is she at a rival school? Is she even still alive?

10. How does Instagram work in the Otherworld?

The Gram plays a big part in the teen drama storylines of the show, but if the First World (the human world) doesn't know about the Otherworld, then how does Instagram work there? And if Alfea doesn't run on electricity, but magic, then how do the students charge their phones?

Netflix, I'm spiraling, please just give me a Season 2 before I lose my mind.


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