'Family Karma's Bali On Her Season 2 Glow Up & Partying With The 'Summer House' Boys

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'Family Karma's Bali On Her Season 2 Glow Up & Partying With The 'Summer House' Boys

When a reality show doesn't have a connector – the one person who binds the group together – it doesn't work. Just look at this season of the Real Housewives of New York... no one is there to connect Lu, Sonja, and Ramona to Eboni and Leah, and the show is suffering.

On Family Karma, though, there is no such issue. The whole cast has known each other for decades, and where there might be a split between the 60-something parents and the 20 and 30-something children, Bali Chainani, 47, is there to bridge the gap

She's not a girl, not yet an Auntie, which makes her the ultimate connector, as well as one of the most interesting cast members. When you've got your hand in every pot, something is always going to be stirred up.

Below, Bali and I chat about what it was like watching Season 1, her Season 2 glow up, and her time partying with the boys of Summer House. Enjoy!

Lindsay for The Dipp: What was it like watching yourself on Season 1?

Bali Chainani: It was really exciting. Obviously, you have no idea what you're going to look and sound like, so from the vanity standpoint, I was just cringing. I hated hearing my voice, and I was so grateful that the whole "I'm No Auntie" thing took off and like became such a huge deal, but by day four, every time I saw or heard a TikTok of my voice, I wanted to slit my wrists.

I was obviously really happy that we brought some laughter and lightness into our audience because when we aired [in March, at the beginning of quarantine], it was such a dark, challenging time for most people, but it was fun. It was exciting. I couldn't wait to do it again.

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Lindsay: Do you regret anything from Season 1?

Bali: I'm super happy with everything that was actually aired. Having said that, the fact that there were moments that I was wearing no makeup, I wanted to slap myself. The audacity. I was like, "Bali. You are not Kylie Jenner. How dare you think it's OK to go on without concealer and mascara?"

Lindsay: Does that mean you tried harder on your look for Season 2?

Bali: Oh my god. I had glam living with me. I made them move in. If I was going to an opening of an envelope, I was getting my makeup done.

Lindsay: I feel like that's a thing – the Season 2 "glow up."

Bali: A hundred percent. And I, for one, thought sitting around with no makeup on is going to make me seem real and authentic. And then the second time around I was like, screw that. I'm checking my mail with lashes on.

Lindsay: Who do you think is the main character of the show?

Bali: We're not characters, that's our real life, you know, so it's hard for me to even use the word "character." I don't think there is a main... I think everybody is because it's not scripted. It's literally our lives. It's our vulnerabilities. It's our stories. And I think in every episode, someone shines. There are moments, though, trust me, that I wish there was a script.

Lindsay: What moment did you wish that there was a script for?

Bali: Nothing really jumps at me because I'm super unfiltered. And because I'm older than the rest of them, I'm quite unapologetic about the things that come out of my mouth. Sometimes it seems like I'm belittling somebody else's feeling or reaction, but it's really just coming from a place of like, "It's not that deep, like, you're going to get through it."

Other people... sometimes I wish they were given a script because there's so many different overreactions, but I'm pretty true to what I say.

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Lindsay: What's it like being a Bravolebrity now?

Bali: I mean, am I though?

Lindsay: Yes! Absolutely. Don't you get recognized?

Bali: Oddly enough, I get more recognized when I'm in Louisville [visiting O'Malley]. And I love it so much because I had no idea non-Indians might be watching.

Lindsay: Did any Bravo vets give you advice before you started filming?

Bali: The cast of Summer House has always been super warm and welcoming – those are the only ones that I've actually met in person.

Lindsay: Did you go to the Hamptons?

Bali: I did not. We met in New York before the show aired. I met Kyle [Cooke], Carl [Radke], Luke [Gulbranson]... funny enough, I met the boys and O'Malley, Anushka, and I partied with the boys. They're great. They're so sweet. I haven't met the girls yet, but Paige [DeSorbo] and Hannah [Berner] have always been supportive. I DM Paige all the time. I'm like, "I no longer have money because I just buy everything you're showing on your bloody Stories."

Lindsay: Have you ever Googled yourself and seen a false rumor that you want to clear up?

Bali: I haven't ... And if there's something that's out there, that's miscommunicated then, yay me.

Lindsay: The more people talking about you, the better.

Bali: Absolutely. I guess I'm relevant and it guarantees me and Season 3.

For more Family Karma, read parts one and two of my conversation with Anisha Ramakrishna.

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