'Family Karma' Star Anisha On Being Brown On TV & Who's In Her Bravo Squad

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'Family Karma' Star Anisha On Being Brown On TV & Who's In Her Bravo Squad

In part one of my conversation with Anisha Ramakrishna from Family Karma, we talked about what it was like filming, and how getting to know the producers was a real benefit to making such an authentic show. In part two, below, we discuss what it's like being Brown on reality TV, what it's like being a Bravolebrity, and how she's a "thirsty bitch" when it comes to her fans. Her words! Not mine.

Family Karma airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET right after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and if you're not watching it, that is your bad. It is your bad!

OK, onto part two.

Lindsay for The Dipp: Are you recognized now when you go out?

Anisha: Yes, I am. It's so cute. I love it. I'm like, such a thirsty bitch. When people wave at me, I'm like, "wow, let's talk!"

Lindsay: Do you love, then, being a Bravolebrity?

Anisha: I do. I love it because I'm such a Bravo fan, so the fact that people even call me a Bravolebrity is, you know, it's just surreal. But I think the bigger discussion I like to have is that, you know, we're representing a minority. I'm just so lucky that I get to be Indian and I get to be myself on Bravo. How many people get to say that, you know?

And on TV in America... I was joking on Instagram last week, someone came up to me and they were like, "Oh my God, you're the girl from Shahs of Sunset!" And I was like, that's life when you're Brown. I'm just happy to be Brown on TV. Representation matters. And that's the discussion I like to have when it comes to our show.

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Lindsay: Do you talk to the Shah's cast about that experience?

Anisha: I've spoken to MJ, she's great. I've spoken to Nema [Vand]. I love me some Sonja Morgan, Lisa Barlow, they're all in my squad. Love all of them. Marysol Patton from Housewives of Miami, too.

Lindsay: Have you seen Sonja while you're here in New York City?

Anisha: I have not. 'Cause she's like, first of all, everywhere and not even here. She's like, at a different resort every week right now. But I think just entering the town home... to me, that's like the White House.

Lindsay: I wonder if it's like, a shoes off kind of place.

Anisha: Yeah, I'm not ready for the town home.

Lindsay: So, what's one thing you want people to know about you, that we haven't learned from the show?

Anisha: I'm such a Teddy bear! If you actually know me outside of an hour-long episode, I'm a huge softy. I'm so emo and sentimental. I don't think that side comes across too much because you know, that side doesn't really come out when I'm in this group.

In part three of our chat, we talk about her relationship status with Vishal Parvani and Monica Vaswani. Stay tuned.

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