Euphoria Finale

Spoiler alert!

I’m still in shock. I can’t believe all that happened on that episode.

First of all I was not expecting Nate to turn his dad in like that. I wonder if his exposition from the play just made him so furious that he finally snapped? It’s just wild to me after the lengths he went to protect his dad. Crazy.

I’m not even going to get into the conversation of Ash….

I’m proud of Rue for walking away from Jules like that. Low key think she’s toxic AF.

Is Cassies breakdown justified?? I mean I would freak out if my sister wrote a whole play exposing my life, but she has messed up quite a bit on her own and her tantrum was a bit overdone.

I am just so happy Maddy finally whooped her like that. The final line she said to Cassie “don’t worry, this is just the beginning” AMAZING! I’m so proud of her.

Now I lay here sad because I no longer have something to look forward to every Sunday.

Season 2, you were a treat!