Happy Euphoria Day! (finale edition)

It really breaks my heart knowing this will be the last time I can say this for possibly 3 years… but I am excited nonetheless! From the finale trailer, some ish is about to go down.

Cassie is absolutely losing her mind.

When miss gurl told Nate she was “crazier” than Maddie, she really meant it. But not in the “You ever say that again and I will come for you” type of crazy, but the mental illness about to reach a breaking point type way. From the last scene of the latest episode and the trailer showing her stomping down to the stage, I think it’s going to get messy.

And frankly I hope Maddie tries to fight her.

I don’t know what’s about to happen with Fez and Ashtray but I am really hoping they’re trying to fool us and they end up being fine. I actually heard a theory that Faye takes the bullet for them. Either situation would break my heart…I’m hoping for the best.

It’s going to be a wild ride tonight!