All the death theories & Elliot in Season 3??

I think people always assume someone's about to die on Euphoria cause of the subject matter/tone, but I really don't think it's a given.

One of the main rumors is Elliot's going to die in the Season 2 finale. But the actor, Dominic Fike, was on Jimmy Fallon Thurs night and said he will be in Season 3. (Though, tbf, he could be totally messing with us cause what else was he supposed to say?)

I wouldn't be devastated if Elliot died, but I would feel bad cause then his arc was literally just to cause tension between Rue and Jules, which isn't a great fate for any character. But maybe his death would bring them together?? I dunno.

Does anyone else think that it's possible no one dies in the finale?? Or am I being far too optimistic (#protectfezandash)