Hot takes for tonight’s episode

Well folks, Sunday has come around. Euphoria day is here and I am eagerly awaiting to unpack tonights episode with you all. But first let’s talk fan theories.

THE PLAY! Oh I am so excited. I think it’s gonna be juicy and dramatic and will expose just about every character from the show. I’m hoping maybe it’ll manage to get some tea out there that needs to be shared with the school. Our sweet Lexi sure does watch closely on her peers.

I think someone might die this episode. I’ve heard this from people all across social media and I am hoping and praying it’s not Ashtray or Fez.

On that note I’m really nervous that Fay is going to rat them out to the police.

Cassie and Nate are now dating apparently?

Praying Rue doesn’t OD again by the last episode.

We’re in for a treat ladies and gents. See you at 9 o’clock sharp!