There Might Be A Tiny 'You' Easter Egg In 'Emily in Paris'

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There Might Be A Tiny 'You' Easter Egg In 'Emily in Paris'

Well, it was only a matter of time until the Netflix universe gave us a You and Emily in Paris crossover, said no one ever, but it does look like our favorite hopeless romantic-slash-brooding serial killer Joe Goldberg could encounter wide-eyed Emily in the City of Light ever since that You Season 3 twist ending.

Just a reminder for all you You fans: Joe fled to Paris after murdering his wife Love and abandoning his son, all in the hopes to track down his supposed soulmate Marianne. But we all know Paris is really Emily's territory, right?

In episode three of Emily in Paris, released Dec. 22, the titular marketing exec who may or may not be in her early 20s vents to her coworker Luke about her twisted love triangle. Yeah, we're still stuck on the failed friendship and thwarted romance between Gabriel, Camille, and Emily, and it seems like even a menage a trois won't fix this entangled relationship. It's already fallen as flat as a botched souffle.

Luke's advice, however, seemed too random, and perhaps too coincidental to Netflix fans, to actually help Emily. The cure for heartbreak? Stay away from Mariannes. "Don't waste time with girls or thinking about Marianne No. 1 or Marianne No. 2," Luke tells Emily on her birthday. "Just never date a woman named Marianne. Never." Is Luke talking to Emily, or Joe?!

You's single mom librarian Marianne doesn't seem so bad. But this is just the Easter egg we needed to concoct more Joe and Emily fan fiction. Bonjour Joe, we've been waiting.


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