How The 'Emily In Paris' Characters Would Instagram The Golden Globes

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How The 'Emily In Paris' Characters Would Instagram The Golden Globes

Big news, mon chéri! On Wednesday, Netflix's escapist series, Emily in Paris, was nominated for a Golden Globe. Alongside The Flight Attendant, Ted Lasso, Schitt's Creek, and The Great, Emily in Paris will battle it out for the win in the Best Television Series ― Musical or Comedy category during the February ceremony. (Lead actress Lily Collins also received a nod for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy.)

Obviously the news would be celebrated — spraying Champagne style — widely among the characters of Emily in Paris. Emily herself would definitely go on Instagram Live while walking down the Champs-Élysées with a five foot baguette with the hashtags #carbsandcouture #myglobesdate. Mindy would perhaps sing about it now that she's found her voice, and Sylvie would send a very formal press release.

But how would the characters actually act whilst at the Golden Globes? For the real life actors behind each character, it will be a walk in the Parc Monceau. But for Emily, Mindy, Sylvie, Gabriel, and Camille... something tells me they would all handle the ceremony a little differently.


Before the ceremony, Emily is freaking the fuck out at all of the celebrities on the red carpet. She'd be remiss if she didn't share this moment with her followers. I mean, hello, it's Jared Leto. She loves him in Suicide Squad.

Inside The Beverly Hilton, Emily does a quick costume change into a dress her kinda-boyfriend Mathieu was able to hook her up with from his uncle's new collection. She's just hoping Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't prank her and poor paint — or ashes — all over her dress.

She learns that she's seated next to her favorite person in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston and can't stop gushing about how she's totally a Rachel. And OMG. Emily is absolutely mortified to be wearing such a bold sleeve behind Beyonce, but she makes the most of it by calling Beyonce her #SleeveSister, which all of her Parisian friends totally cringe at.


Camille is a little more discreet when it comes to celebrities, so she sticks to highlighting the fashion. A simple red carpet Instagram will do for her, with an obvious plug for her families Champagne line, Le Domaine de Lalisse.


Leaving the restaurant behind was actually a huge pain in the ass for Gabriel, so he looks absolutely miserable in any photo you happen to catch him in. But, he loved Best Motion Picture — Foreign Language French drama Two of Us, so he's hoping to talk a little high-brow cinema with the director, Filippo Meneghetti.

As for his social media presence, Gabriel posts a photo no one was ready for (Sylvie is pissed) and uses the caption to review the entirely plant-based meal served at the event.


Mindy just about loses her shit when she sees the cast of The Prom at the Globes and is dead set on approaching Meryl Street for a photo. Except, she can't actually approach her because, like, she's Mindy, the girl who embarrassed herself on Chinese Popstar. And Meryl is, well, Meryl.


Sylvie isn't on Instagram, and found Emily's constant photographing to be déclassé. But, she did write the Hollywood Foreign Press a scathing email following the event. Is it brutal? Yes. Is it totally on brand for someone who is consistently unimpressed with anyone's work? Yes.

Here's just a snippet:

And speaking of incompetency. Whoever you hired to do your lighting should be electrocuted. You want the evening to be romantic, and instead I felt like I was in a padded cell with an overhead light that a bunch of dead flies visited to meet their maker. Also... was that Prosecco I tasted? I rep a wonderful Champagne brand that I am more than happy to speak with you about. Leave the carbonated water to the fishes.

Will the Emily in Paris characters come alive at the Golden Globes on February 28? It may finally be worth "following" Emily on Instagram for the content.

Images: Netflix

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