'Elite' Star Pol Granch's Singing Videos Before He Was At Las Encinas

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'Elite' Star Pol Granch's Singing Videos Before He Was At Las Encinas

A prince and a pop star? You better believe Elite's new cast member Pol Granch has some serious range. The first-time actor strolls into the halls of Las Encinas in Season 4 as Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg, a prince whose parents are totally okay with him attending a school where murders happen on the regular. But what you may not know — at least not if you are an American fan — is that Granch is also a certified pop star in Spain.

The 23-year-old is a French-Spanish singer who walked away with a record deal at end of the third season of the Spanish version of The X Factor. At the time, his mentor, Grammy winner Laura Pausini, invited him to join her as the opening act on her tour. And by 2019, Granch released his first self-titled EP, making him a musical star long before he decided to try his hand at acting.

Now that he's officially a part of the Las Encinas gang, Elite's newest cast member is about to be exposed to a whole new group of fans. So before he becomes the internet's latest heartthrob, you need to hear Granch's gorgeous singing voice for yourself — even if you, like me, can't understand a word he's saying, there's no doubt he has some serious chops.

Granch Showed Off His Versatility To Win The X Factor

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Even though he's made a name for himself as a Spanish singer, Granch also sings in French. During The X Factor finale he showed off his range, and won the whole season as a result. And after this performance, there's no doubt why the judges were wowed by the then 19-year-old:

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His Music Videos Are Either Total Throwbacks...

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If you grew up listening to NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, then Granch's particular brand of pop is no doubt familiar to you. Even his music videos have that late '90s/early aughts feel. Whether he's crooning in a field of flowers or going on colorful picnics, his vibe screams boy band (in a good way).

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…Or Completely Modern

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Hey, just because he gives off a wholesome '90s vibe sometimes that doesn't mean Granch doesn't have range. In the video for "No Pegamos" —which translates to "We Do Not Hit" according to Google — the singer's fight club decides to make love, not war, and the results are sexy as hell (and definitely too risqué for the more prudish '90s censors).

He Doesn't Need Anything Fancy To Make His Listeners Swoon

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Even though he's definitely a pop star, Granch doesn't require auto tune to wow his listeners. His voice really is just that good. Need proof? Check out his Instagram feed where he sometimes graces followers with videos of himself singing on a rooftop with nothing but his guitar and an oversized green hoodie tp keep him warm.

Prince Phillipe is likely to inspire complicated feelings in Elite fans — the teen makes some questionable choices in Season 4 — but deciding whether or not to join the Granch fandom is easy: With a voice like his, you can't afford not to make him your new celebrity favorite.


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