Do The 'Elite' Students Have Terrible Luck Or Are They Aspiring Serial Killers?

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Do The 'Elite' Students Have Terrible Luck Or Are They Aspiring Serial Killers?

As the students of Las Encinas become embroiled in yet another murder in Season 4 of Elite, it's time to ask: Is their luck just this bad or are they future serial killers? Either way, they definitely shouldn't take murder for hire off their list of potential career choices. I'm sure Dexter would be happy to mentor them in the fine art of body disposal as long as they're up to roughing it in the Oregon wilderness for a while.

To be fair, this season's murder victim got what was coming to him. After manipulating Mencía into sleeping with him and his rich friends for money and then attempting to ruin her life, Armando proceeded to brutally attack Ari before Guzmán interrupted. After a chase ensued, Guzmán shot the man with a flare in the back, and then he, Samu, and Rebe disposed of the body by wrapping what appeared to be an anchor around him and dropping him to the bottom of the ocean.

And while no one is going to shed a single tear over a predator like Armando sleeping with the fishes, this isn't the teens' first murder rodeo. In fact, every season aside from Season 2 has revolved around a person's untimely demise at the hands of a Las Encinas student. With those cold hard facts in hand, it's time to consider the possibility that at least one of these kids is destined to add serial killer to their list of hobbies in the future.

Seasons 1 & 2: Marina's Poolside Murder

None of the remaining students actively killed Marina. Instead, Guzmán's sister was clubbed over the head and left for dead by the now deceased Polo. However, Marina's death did lead to Cayetana obstructing justice by hiding the murder weapon, and when Ander discovered the truth he was quickly convinced to keep mum about Polo's crimes.

Bad Luck or Killer Instincts? The show tries to give Polo a bit of a redemption arc before his death, but let's be real, he murdered Marina, allowed an innocent person to go to prison, and then walked back into school like nothing ever happened. He definitely had killer instincts, and even though Cayetana and Ander each had their own reasons for assisting Polo, their actions are also not the actions of innocent people with crumby luck.

Season 3: Polo's Death By Broken Bottle

In Season 3, Polo learned that old adage "what goes around, comes around" is 100 percent true. Believing his mothers were taking away her scholarship to Columbia University, a drunk Lu stabbed Polo with a broken bottle. When her friends discovered what she had done they all touched the bottle, so the police wouldn't be able to pin his murder on any of them. Their reasoning? It's what Polo would have wanted.

Bad Luck or Killer Instincts? Lu didn't intend to stab Polo with a bottle, but her pals actively covered up the accident when they all touched the murder weapon. Guzmán, Ander, Samu, Omar, Rebe, Carla, Valerio, and Cayetana are all part of the coverup — and it should be noted that earlier in the evening Samu had every intention of stabbing Polo until Guzmán stopped him. Taking their post-murder actions in consideration, I would deem this one a mix of terrible choices with a dash of killer instincts thrown in for good measure.

Season 4: Armando Goes Up Like A Firework

Even though Armando's horrible crimes were rage-inducing for the audience, Guzmán didn't intend to murder him. When he fires the flare, he's trying to stop the wretched man from escaping justice. Unfortunately, he's so close when he shoots Armando that the flare lodges in his back and causes a miniature fireworks display as the life drains out of him.

Bad Luck or Killer Instincts? Armando's death was entirely accidental, and Guzmán is clearly gutted about what happened (mostly due to what it could mean for his future, but still). But again, things become complicated when the coverup aspect is taken into consideration. For the second season in a row, Guzmán, Rebe, and Samu cover up a crime — and this time around, they actually dispose of the body.

So, Are These Teens Future Serial Killers, Or What?

At this stage, I'm not prepared to declare the teens serial killers. But given their propensity to cover up murders and hide bodies, there's no doubt they're more dangerous than your average teenagers. If someone else ends up dead in Season 5, then Las Encinas might as well give up and hire Annalise Keating to give her "How to Get Away with Murder" seminar. At least then these kids will have a viable career option, because it's clear the only things they're learning about at school are the dangers of binge drinking and how to cover up crimes.

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