Is The 'Dexter' Revival Teaser An Homage Or Goof?

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Is The 'Dexter' Revival Teaser An Homage Or Goof?

Help! My family is in danger and I can't get a read on the Dexter revival teaser trailer. OK, fine, my family isn’t in any danger, but this whole Dexter thing is absolutely an emergency. Earlier today, the Showtime revival dropped a new teaser trailer, and it’s 31 seconds of straight mind fuckery. Or maybe it’s just my mind that’s being messed with, because I absolutely cannot tell what the tone of this promo is.

When we last saw Dexter, the character had left behind everything he knew to run off and become a lumberjack in the wilderness. The final minute and a half of the 8 season run ended with the killer-of-killers retreating from his manual labor to the solitude of a lonely cabin, where he stared sullenly out a window before turning to look straight into the camera in silence.

In the new clip, much of the same thing happens. Well, sort of. It opens as the camera pans out from snowy wilderness to show Michael C. Hall in character as he, again, gazes pensively out a window. We see his reflection in the glass first, and then he turns to lock eyes with the camera lens head on. “I’m just a soul whose intentions are gooood,” the music croons in the background. As singer Nina Simone croons, “Oh, lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood,” Dexter suddenly shares a tight smile with the viewer — and then his eyebrows give a mischievous little shrug of a motion as a chime sounds in sync.

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