Loki Is The Best Doctor Who On Television

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Loki Is The Best Doctor Who On Television

It’s been almost half a year since the latest episode of Doctor Who aired and the release date of the next series is currently unknown. So how are you supposed to get your fix of time-and-space traveling adventures?

Turns out, Loki has got you covered. I've spotted several surprising similarities between Loki and Doctor Who, two shows that couldn't seem more different on the surface. I've compiled and organized a list of all of these phenomenal parallels to properly present you with the precise proof of why you should give the god of mischief a chance to fill that Doctor Who-shaped void in your life.

A Mischievously Manic Main Character

Maybe what you love about Doctor Who is the mischievous title character who constantly gets into trouble all while wearing a great big smile.

Loki has a mischievous title character who constantly gets into trouble all while wearing a great big smile!

Multiple Mutations of the Main Character

Perhaps it goes deeper than that. It could be that you specifically enjoy the Doctor changing their physical appearance every so often.

For example, sometimes the Doctor looks like this!

Well, check this out. In the second episode of Loki, "The Variant," we learn that there are many alternate timeline Loki “variants” with a variety of styles!

Sometimes the variant looks like this!

A Meeting of the Multiples

Also, don’t you just love it when two versions of the Doctor team up? They always start off bickering and getting on each other’s nerves, but wind up putting their smarts together to save the day. Plus, it’s always interesting to see in what ways the two Doctors are the same, what’s different, and how exactly they measure up.

Episode 3 of Loki, Lamentis, plays just like a Multi-Doctor story complete with hilarious bickering, reluctant teaming up, and seeing what exactly they have in common.

Adventures in Time

But what about time travel? Doctor Who is full of time shenanigans! The show explored everything from 1500s France

...to the eruption of Pompeii

...to historical reenactments in the 1980s!

Well, don’t you worry. Loki has all of that! It’s got 1500s France...

...the eruption of Pompeii…

...and historical reenactments in the 1980s!

Adventures in Space

Okay, okay, so Loki has time travel in the bag. But what about space travel, huh? Doctor Who was always showcasing weird and wonderful worlds!

Oh, yeah, you bet Loki’s got weird and wonderful worlds! AND THEY’RE IN THE FUTURE. That’s space and time travel in one, baby!

Time Management

Well, Doctor Who has the Time Lords of Gallifrey who monitor the timeline and the Doctor is frequently either running from them, working with them, or trying to take them down…

Surely, Loki doesn’t…

These are the Time Keepers of the Time Variance Authority who monitor the timeline and Loki is either running from them, working with them, or trying to take them down…

Companionable Characters

Oh, and Owen Wilson is definitely Loki’s companion (or is it the other way around?)

Hero or villain?

Though, if you’re worried about Loki being TOO similar to Doctor Who, don’t worry. Loki is a villain, whereas the Doctor is not. As one character describes Loki in episode one…

So as you can see, Loki is completely different.

Anyway, here’s an unrelated picture of the Doctor with a stolen blue box.

So do yourself a favor. Go watch Loki, the best Doctor Who show currently on television.

(If you’re already a Loki fan, but not a Doctor Who fan, just read this article backwards and I’m sure everything will work itself out.)

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