We do not deserve Dove Cameron

Ok so here’s the thing… There have been plenty of moments where an actor / actress has played two different people at the same time, but never for a whole 4 seasons.. Dove Cameron played both Liv and Maddie who are twin sisters with 2 totally different sets of talents, personalities, and fashion tastes! I remember when I first seen the show and I actually thought that they were twin sisters in real life, but once I did my research I discovered that it was just Dove Cameron. I felt a mix of emotions.. but for the most part I was highly impressed because HOW IS SHE THIS GOOD?!!! On top of Liv & Maddie this beauty was in her bag because she made a name on Disney’s The Descendants as Mal. I will never forget or sleep on this talented queen and I feel like she doesn’t get enough recognition. I will always defend your honor queen!

With that being said stream Liv & Maddie on Disney Plus as well as The Descendants.