Is Dexter Going To Get Caught In 'New Blood'? Maybe That's What The Revival Is All About

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Is Dexter Going To Get Caught In 'New Blood'? Maybe That's What The Revival Is All About

"Don't Stop Believing" with a cut to black. They're all dead. A lumberjack in Oregon. When Dexter ended in 2013, it joined the ranks of some of the most divisive TV series finales ever... especially since Dexter didn't get caught. Instead, the serial killer managed to escape justice for the umpteenth time by dumping Deb's body, faking his death, abandoning his son, and becoming a goddamn lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest. Dexter is the main character of the show — a serial killer worth rooting for, if you will. But Dexter has had more than his fair share of second chances, so is the New Blood when Dexter will finally be caught?

As of the seventh episode of New Blood, things are closing in on Dexter. Molly the podcaster is still in town and has covered the Bay Harbor Butcher and the Trinity Killer. Angela knows his true identity of Miami PD blood spatter expert Dexter Morgan. And Harrison remembers Trinity killing Rita. Then, there's the enemy that Dexter is making in Kurt Caldwell. Or the fact that Batista was hanging not too far away from Iron Lake. It seems any one of them could figure it all out and Dexter would be toast. (Except for maybe Angel — if he couldn't figure it out in Miami, he doesn't deserve to figure it out now.)

Let's start with Angela and Molly. If anyone is going to take down Dexter, I'd kind of love it to be these two. Dexter has a history of hoodwinking women he's romantically involved with, but with Angela being the chief of police, his conning her seems particularly egregious. She has every right to keep digging into his suspicious behavior and with her skills as a police chief and Molly's podcast investigative skills, they just might have the tools to figure Dexter out.

Then, there's Harrison. Dexter said he needs to tell Harrison everything after Harrison shared that he remembered Trinity (oh hello, John Lithgow) killing Rita and telling him, "There, there. Daddy will be home soon." While Harrison currently hates his dad, he might not despise him enough to turn his father in. But if "everything" includes the fact that he's a serial killer, Harrison would have every reason to freak out (unless he's a serial killer too). Maybe while Harrison processes this information, he turns to Kurt — who uses Dexter's serial killing ways to distract the police from his own.

Even if the above scenarios for how he gets caught are wrong, there is a very good chance that he will be caught. After all, New Blood showrunner and original Dexter producer Clyde Phillips previously stated that if he had stayed with the original series to the end, his pitch for the finale would have been Dexter being executed for his crimes. Is New Blood giving Phillips the chance to end things his way?

Right now, New Blood is technically a 10-episode miniseries. But in 2021, any TV fan knows that "miniseries" is a loose term. (See: Big Little Lies, The Sinner, Squid Game, etc.) So if the people behind the series have a plan for a Season 2, then maybe Dexter will continue to be a free man. Or maybe, once Dexter is caught, Harrison will fill his dad's serial killing shoes... it'd be the old blood and the New Blood.

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