Angel's 'Dexter: New Blood' Cameo Means Bad News For Miami Dexter

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Angel's 'Dexter: New Blood' Cameo Means Bad News For Miami Dexter

A missing persons conference in New Blood led to Dexter finding a missing original cast member. Spoilers ahead. Angel returned to Dexter in the New Blood episode, "Runaway." Angel Batista is now the Miami Metro homicide captain and he offered some guidance to Dexter's police chief girlfriend, Angela. But Batista (complete with his fedora and his inability to not hit on an attractive woman) helping Angela may prove harmful to his old buddy Dexter.

Angela went to New York City with Merry Fucking Kill podcaster Molly to look into whether Matt Caldwell was actually holed up at the Gramercy Suites (dear reader: he wasn't). As a bonus, there just so happened to be a law enforcement conference on missing and unidentified persons in the city that the Iron Lake police chief wanted to attend. OG Dexter character Batista was a speaker at the conference and Angela decided to connect with him afterward to get some advice.

Angela's trip really should've been the next step in figuring out that the serial killer of Iron Lake is none other than Clancy Brown's Kurt Caldwell. Kurt was lying about where Matt was, sending in a man to use his son's credit card at the hotel, which should lead her to dig deeper into Kurt's motive for lying and discover that he's the one responsible for all the missing young women on her board. But instead, Angel's talk of missing persons patterns and listening to her gut are going to make her question someone else — her boyfriend Jim Lindsay, aka Dexter Morgan.

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